The group of historical dance Modestia was founded in 2005. In the beginning it was a part of historical fencing group Soldáti. The group consists of young people, almost students. Now we are focused on Renaissance. It means courtly dances in pairs (as Pavanna, Gaillarda) even folk round dances (as Branle). Our repertoire is still widened. We offer dance performance for any various action - balls, historical fest and so on. We are able to suit the performance to your ideas. The dancing steps which we perform come from historical sources and study of renaissance dance. These skills we have achieved by the help of Mrs. prof. MgA. Zuzana Dostálová who teachs historical dances (Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque). It is not just a scenic arrangement. The costumes which we dance in were sewed so to look like originally. There are several dances which we dance with various properties like flappers, scarfs, cups, jugs and any other.

Also we are able to arrange performance with historical fencing group Soldáti.

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